Turkey's Clothing Brand

Fine textiles as contemporary, rational and successful clothing brand in Turkey's people's choice. We always continue to be indispensable for the professionals of the city with our innovative vision and world-class collections that challenge the years. We play a pioneering role with the innovations we bring to the fashion industry, we present the trends to our liking by interpreting them with our own line.

Our collections, which offer options for different age groups, provide people with the most comfortable clothing experience every day of the week. Some of the items that enrich the İnce Tekstil experience are suits that you can move freely during a busy business meeting, casual designs that offer comfort in a Sunday breakfast, the most elegant tuxedos in special events or warm knitwear during a ski holiday.

Our vision

“Thanks to the service offered with our qualified human resources, we offer our quality product variety at affordable prices, increase our domestic market share, maintain our leading brand position and become one of the 10 well-known brands in the international market”


Our Mission

“To be the leading brand of choice in international fashion markets in clothing fashion retailing”